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Booster Air Compressor

Booster Applications

Compressed air systems in industrial and commercial facilities are generally designed for pressures of 90 to 100 psig.

However, some special applications such as moulding, printing, and leak testing require higher pressures.

HENGDA Booster Compressors increase air system pressure to a working pressure of 580 psig and to a maximum of 650psig.

These reliable units are compact, quiet, and offer and economical alternative to designing the main compressor air system for high

pressure. Now you simply install a HENGDA Booster Compressor to increase the pressure of the existing compressed air where it is needed.

Booster Operation

Compressed air from the main air system is piped to the booster. Using precompressed air is more economical than starting with ambient air.

With high volumetric efficiency, the booster compresses to the desired pressure. This single-stage system is ideal and

economical for many applications when only a moderate amount of high pressure plant air is required.

HENGDA has the technology and the ability to design a compressed air system suited specifically to your application.

The high pressure screw compressor system

To meet the requirements of PET bottle blowing industry, the high pressure screw compressor system will compress air again from the screw compressor.

1.Low-noise, stable air supply.

2.System integrates compression, storage, and filtering of blown air with particle count less than 0.001 ppm.

3.Steel frame housing contains all components and does not require a foundation.

4.The system is cooled with air not water. Saving cooling and maintenance costs.

5. Automatic Pressure relief systems to ensure that the unit in secure without load, extending the service life of the compressor, and motor protection to the host

6.Compressor uses unique and highly effective air - cooled coolers, rational design, excellent heat dissipation, the exhaust temperature is not higher than 20 ℃.

7.We use a king of the world of valves "" "" with automatic circular valve piston, large capacity, more features in action, efficient, ensuring that the life of the compressor and efficiency

8.Reasonableness of the overall structural design of high strength and high quality components

to ensure that the machine is stable and reliable and durable, the real 24 - hour continuous operation

Technical parameters

MODELFree Air deliveryWorking Pressure(MPa)Power (KW)Speed (r/min)DimensionWeight (kg)