Oil Free Piston Compressor

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Product Details

High Pressure Piston Reciprocating Air Compressor

This specially designed Air Compressor uses less fuel, has a longer working life, runs substantially quieter and operates virtually vibration-free. Reciprocating Compressor It is a superior designed product outstanding in its class. Two-stage Air Compressor The inhalation unit adopts ADEKOM patented techniques- impedance compound suction muffler and low-side inlet disposition. Low suction temperature and noise. High efficiency, energy conservation and long working life gas valve.

"polygon cylindrical straight-flow valve"adopted at the first stage and second stage; highly efficient combination ring valve, which is researched and developed by ADEKOM after many years operation test and optimization, applied to the third stage and fourth stage. 

particular oil controlling design has realized extremelylow oil consumption. 

1. Features

  1. Cast parts: crankcase, cylinders, cylinder head casting material. Deep groove fin 360 degree heat dispersion

  2. Fan: strengthen nylon material, to produce whirlwind to get rid of heat in the deep groove fin, middle cooler and after cooler

  3. Final temperature 20 degree more than environment temperature, and water coolong type 10 degree more than environment temperature

  4. Auto unloading device: auto unloading the pressure in the air compressor, coolers to avoid loading starting. All air compressor is equipped with auto start/stop device. Multi-units are equipped with PLC system

  5. Auto condensate drain system: auto drain valve are equipped on the drain pipe, when air compressors stop or unload in stable speed, it drain condensate automatically

  6. new balance technology: hung crankshaft, integrated connecting rod more compact, complete balanced system result in less viberation


1. Main data

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