10bar Oil Less Low Pressure Screw Air Compressor

low pressure 4 bar screw air compressor Oil-free screw air compressors are widely used in industries that require high quality air sources such as : pharmaceutical,food, electronics, chemical,packaging,etc. 100% pure compressed air is a necessary procedure to guarantee satisfactory crafts and...

Product Details

Silent Stationary Oilless Oil-free Rotary Screw Air Compressor Advantages

1. Clean air 100% less oil, class 0 oil free air according to ISO8537-1

2. Adopt GHH air end made in Germany

3. Technology patent used in oil free compressed air system

4. Significant energy saving, environmental-friendly and pollution-free

5. Low operation and maintenance cost

6. Powerful MAM microcomputer controller and touch screen

7. Designed especially for medical, pharmacy, instrument, coating, chemical industry and food processing, etc. 

Air End

No vibration and low noise interpret perfectly the genuine made in Germany. Big rotor, low speed of rotation and direct connection.


Rotors are asymmetric in profile, backed up by ball bearings and roller bearings. Operates at a low speed, thereby low in abrasion and maintenance expenses, air end is long service life. Helical gears can produce axial force to kill some acting force, which reduces the load of the bearing of air end.
Control Panel

Intelligent microcomputer-based control technology can monitor and control in all aspects the complete machine following your instructions, remote control realizes unattended operation, and the user-friendly human-machine interface displays instructions and parameters in written form also, it can function to self diagnose faults, give warning and automatically regulate the capacity.


air delivery (m3/min/bar)1.1/71.7/72.5/73.2/73.8/75.2/76.8/77.3/710.8/713.5/7
motor power (kw)7.5111518.5223037455575
cooling styleair-cooling
drive stylebelt drive
ambient temperature (°C)subzero 5 ~ +45
discharge temperture (°C)lower than ambient+15
noice db(A)62±265±268±272±2
power source (v/ph/Hz)220-460/3/50,60
size (mm)length8909209201000100010601140122016661766
weight (kg)24030035042045051070080016101720
outler caliber (mm)G3/4"G1"G1"G1 1/4"G1 1/4"G1 1/4"G1 1/2"G1 1/2"G2"G2"

If the equipment fails due to the quality of the machine during one year, we will provide replacement and the repair Free of Charge. after One Year customer must pay for Spare Parts, we will provide long-term technical assistance.

Attention:Workers must operate the machines according to the design of the machine. Faygo Machinery will not be responsible for accidents which are caused by improper operation of workers.