13bar High Pressure Screw Air Compressor

Direct Driven Double Screw Air Compressor Configuration Characteristics A precisely-made central bracket is used to keep the motor aligned permanently with the air end. A highly resilient coupling is adopted to make the compressor operate smoothly, and the elastomer is long in useful life. The...

Product Details

Introduction of 100hp screw compressor 10bar high quality for industry

Full-automatically load and unload control the input air full automatically. Compressor will start automatically when there is no pressure, and will stop working when the pressure is full in air tank. When the compressor is short of electricity, the electricity will be in reverse. When the pressure is too high, the temperature is also high, which can protect itself full-automatically. You can use our compressor without any workers on duty.

Energy Saving Rotary Screw Air Compressor Advantages

1.DENAIR Enhanced energy saving screw air compressor reached the super energy saving level
2.Energy Efficient Index 1(EEI 1) approved according to GB19153-2009, the energy consumption is 10%~15% lower than EEI 2.
3.Denair air compressor design with 42 types of technology patent, real bigger air flow
4.State-of-the-art screw element, original Germany DENAIR air end, ladvanced SAP profile design, superior Sweden SKF element bearings
5.Denair air compressdor dopts world-renowned components, such as Schneider electronics from
France, Mann filters from Germany, Danfoss pressure sensor from
Denmark, etc. contribute to guarantee the compressor longer service life.
6.Smart touch screen design and 0 pressure drop design
7.Higher efficiency cooling system and electrical motor
8.Stainless steel pipes, reasonable inner design, ensure long service life without maintenance.

If the equipment fails due to the quality of the machine during one year, we will provide replacement and the repair Free of Charge. after One Year customer must pay for Spare Parts, we will provide long-term technical assistance.

Attention:Workers must operate the machines according to the design of the machine. Faygo Machinery will not be responsible for accidents which are caused by improper operation of workers.