oil free air compressor

oil free air compressor
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oil Free low price low pressure 10 bar Screw Air Compressor

Oil-free screw air compressors are widely used in industries that require high quality air sources such as : pharmaceutical,food, electronics, chemical,packaging,etc. 100% pure compressed air is a necessary procedure to guarantee satisfactory crafts and product quality, which ensures the production of high-end products safely and risk-free.

The lubrication system of an oil free screw air compressor is an individual fuel recycling unit, the compression chamber and the bearings were separated by a set of sealed high-performance mechanical assembly. The lubricating oil can only flow in the enclosed area and is prevented to enter the compression chamber, which only contains 100% pure compressed oil-free air.The users could obtain 100% pure compressed air with some slight post-treatment of water and dust removal.

2. Feature of air compressor:

1. Light alloy piston effectively reduces weight and reduces mechanical power consumption.

2.Cast iron cylinder heads, and independent seat enhance the life of the equipment.

3. Equipped with the king of air valve "Herbiger" automatic efficient valve they make the equipment big capacity, more action, high efficiency, long life service.

4. Special design flywheel, V belt drive reduce the operating noise

6.Rotating components adopt two famous rolling bearings, which ensure the stable operation and greatly reduce the wear and tear of the bearing.


Oil free air compressor Technical parameters

Type of coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-cooling

Air delivery

working pressure1.02/101.32/102.12/102.62/103.13/104.2/105.22/106.13/108.6/1011.42/10
(m3/ bar) 1.02/12.51.61/12.52.13/12.52.61/12.53.18/12.54.81/12.55.65/12.57.42/12.59.83/12.5
Power (kw)7.5111518.5223037455575

Voltage/ power

AC 380/50
Start MethodY-△
Noise db(A)72±5 Measure according to the international standard: GB/T4980-2003

Content of oil discharge

Air outlet tempAmbient Temperature +15℃
Cooling air volume32.55050110110145145185220250

Cooling water



Pipe connection size

Total Weight5005406508408709801000106012501480

Type of coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-coolingair-cooling
Air delivery/16.3/819.4/822.21/828.85/836.63/842.88/8
working pressure14.52/1016.9/1020.38/1024.52/1032.70/1039.00/10
(m3/ bar)12.3/12.515.10/12.518.29/12.522/17/12.527.72/12.534.64/12.5
Power (kw)90110132160200250
Voltage/powerAC 380/50
Start MethodY-△
Noise db(A)72±5 Measure according to international standard: GB/T4980-2003
Content of oil discharge0
Air outlet tempAmbient Temperature +15℃
Cooling air volume270420460510620800
Cooling water volume202430354353
Pipe connection size2"2"2"21/2"2"2"
Total Weight203024502850375041004750

If the equipment fails due to the quality of the machine during one year, we will provide replacement and the repair Free of Charge. after One Year customer must pay for Spare Parts, we will provide long-term technical assistance.

Attention:Workers must operate the machines according to the design of the machine. Faygo Machinery will not be responsible for accidents which are caused by improper operation of workers.