Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine

Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine
Product Details

Product description:

1. This Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine has a single mode speed of up to 1800 BPH. It has 4 chambers with a capacity of 7200-8000 BPH. It is completely independent development, has independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than ten national patents. The servo drive and cam are connected to the blower section. It has a small implementation distance heating system and an efficient and flexible inlet system. It follows a modular design philosophy. It ensures that the finished bottle is formed in one shot because it uses a hot runner system and high pressure injection molding. High precision screws allow 100% seams. Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine can ensure the change of the weight of the cap is small, the wall thickness is uniform, no slit, no flash, no bottom welding line.

2. Water Bottle Blow Molding Machine can reduce cycle time and increase production efficiency. Its water cooling system does not require an additional chiller. The baking channel is separated from the blowing machine, which shortens the mold opening time, fast blowing, high output, reduces machine damage, maintains reliable performance, prolongs service life, and makes the machine run smoothly and stably. The linear manipulator moves the preform with the neck onto the preform holder. After heating, the flipping robot grips the heated preform and flips 180 to place the preform into the blowing station with the neck down. After stretching and blowing, remove the bottle by turning the robot. The specially designed preform handling system avoids damage to preforms and bottles during transport.

Machine parameters:

Mold number(piece)4
Bottle specificationMax volume(mL)2000
Max height(mm)328
Round bottle max diameter(mm)105
Square bottle max diagonal(mm)115
Preform specificationSuitable inner bottle neck(mm)20--25
Max preform length(mm)150
Machine specificationMachine dimension(m)(L*W*H)3.3X1X2.3
Machine weight(Kg)3200