FG4 PET Bottle Making Machine

FG4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine Introduction: This PET bottle blowing machine is our new design and high technology. It mainly include: PET blowing machine main body, Preform Elevator& unscrambler, 0.2L-2L Bottle Molds,Host air compressor, Mounted Air treatment, Air storage tank, mold chiller...

Product Details

FG4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine

We call this kinds of blowing machine-SMART series of blowing machine fills the gaps in field of domestic high-speed linear blowing machine. Currently, China linear single-mold speed still stays around 1200BPH, while international max single-mold speed has reached 1800BPH. High-speed linear blowing machines rely on imports. In view of this situation, Faygo Union Machinery developed China first high speed linear blowing machine: FG4 whose single-mold speed can reach 1800 BPH. FG4 has 4 cavities, production capacity is 6800-7200BPH. It is developed totally independently, has our own intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than 8 national patents.

Our ELectric Brand:

FG4 is a completely new generation of linear blowing machine, distinguished by its high speed, low power and low compressed air consumption, featured by the excellent structure design, small space occupation, less noise and high stability, meanwhile conforms to national beverage sanitary standards. This machine symbolizes the highest level of national linear blowing machines. It is the ideal bottle making equipment for medium and large enterprises.

FG Series Product Advantages:
1. Servo driving and cam linking blowing section:

The unique cam linking system integrates movement of mold-opening, mold-locking and bottom mold-elevating in one movement, equipped with high speed servo driving system which greatly shorten the cycle of blowing and increase the capacity.
2. Small performs distance heating system
Heater distance in the heating oven is reduced to 38mm, compared with the conventional heating oven it saves more than 30% electricity consumption.
Equipped with the air cycling system and redundant heat discharge system, it ensures the constant temperature of the heating zone.
3. Efficient and soft perform inlet system
By rotary and soft preform inlet system, the speed of prefom feeding is ensured meanwhile, the preform neck is well protected.
4. Modularized design conception
Adopting modularized design concept, to make it convenient and cost-saving for the maintenance and changing spare parts.

FG4 Optional items:
1. Exploded bottles ejection unit
During the blowing process, if the bottle burst, bad bottles can be automatically removed. This prevents the bad bottles from entering the filling machine.
2. HP air recovery system
After the bottle blowing, high-pressure air can be recycled and used again for the pre-blowing and machine physical movement.
3. Oven and preform temperature detection system
Detection system detects temperature of oven and the temperature of performs. When the preform temperature does not reach the set blowing temperature, blowing workstation will alarm, not blown.

Parameters for FG4 PET Bottle Making Machine

Mold number(piece)468
Bottle specificationMax volume(mL)20002000750
Max height(mm)328328328
Round bottle max diameter(mm)105105105
Square bottle max diagonal(mm)115115115
Preform specificationSuitable inner bottle neck(mm)20--2520--2520--25
Max preform length(mm)150150150
ElectricityTotal installation power(kW)517497
Heating oven total power(kW)466992
Heating oven real power(kW)264050
Allowed voltage fluctuation range±10%±10%±10%
Compressed airPressure(bar)303030
Air consumption(m³/min)468
Cooling water
Mold water

Water chiller


Temperature regulation range(°C)6--136--136--13
Flow rate(L/min)454545
Oven waterPressure(bar)4-64-64-6

Water chiller


Temperature regulation range(°C)6-136-136-13
Flow rate(L/min)222222
Machine specificationMachine dimension(m)(L*W*H)3.3X1X2.34.3X1X2.34.8X1X2.3
Machine weight(Kg)320040004500