PVC Pipe Making Machine

PVC Pipe Making Machine
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PVC pipe making machine

Technical data:

This PVC pipe making machine is widely used for making PVC water supply or drainage pipes with diameter 50, 75mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm. By changing the mandril, it can produce PVC pipes with various pipe pressure standard. With special pipe mold, it can also make PVC silent pipes. PVC pipes are usually use for the agricultural and constructional plumbing, cable laying etc.

The electrics of this PVC pipe machine adopt Siemens, ABB, Omron/RKC, Schneider etc world brand to ensure the quality of the machine. All machines will be tested at our workshop before shipment. After client receive the machine, we will send engineer to do the installation and testrunning for the machine.

Technical data:

pipe size50-160mm
extruderSJZ65/132 or SJZ80/156
motor power37/55kw
extrusion output250/350kg/h
vacuum cooling tank

two chamber structure

with water temperature controller

haul-offtwo or three claw haul-off
cutterplanetary or no dust cutter
pipe belling machinesingle heating oven or double heating oven according to client requirement

The working process of PVC pipe machine as blow:

PVC powder + additive --- mixing---material feeder---twin screw extruder---mould and calibrator---vacuum forming machine---haul-off machine---cutting machine---discharge rack or pipe belling machine.

Accroding to different formulation, the barrel and screw could be lower filler screw and high filler screw and the screw material adopt Bi-metal for high filler formulation. With advanced design, it provide powerful safeguard for the material plasticization. The degassing system of screw and barrle will ensure the quality of final PVC pipes.

The tank body adopt two chamber structure: the vacuum calibration chamber and cooling chamber. Both of two chamber adopt stainless steel 304# . The high vacuum system ensures the precise sizing of pipes; spraying cooling will improve the cooling efficiency; Auto water temperature control system make the machine more intelligent. The water temperature controller adopt Omron brand

The haul-off machine of this PVC pipe line will adopt two or three caterpillars, and the compact mode of haul-off frame adopt pneumatic and gear motor. With meter code, it can count the pipe length during the production.

Cutting system adopt PLC control and it could be no-dust cutter and planetary cutter. There is dust-collecting system ensures clean working environment.

The pipe belling machine can make pipe with different belling shape, such as "U" type, "R" type etc. We can also design pipe belling machine with auto rubber ring feeding system.