Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine
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Product description:

1. This Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine can be used to produce a variety of PP, PE, PVC, PA single wall corrugated pipe. Its complete range includes single screw extruders, molds, corrugating machines, and coilers. Its gears use modules and stencils to achieve excellent cooling of the product, ensuring high-speed forming, uniform corrugation, and smooth inner and outer tube walls. The main electrical components of the series use world-renowned brands such as Siemens, ABB, Omron/RKC, Schneider and others. Different types of bellows can be produced using different plastic materials.

2. Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine's optimal spiral structure feed port can greatly increase the output of the extruder. Its precise temperature control system ensures material melting performance. Its unique screw design enables better plasticization and high quality products. Its precision-designed high-torque transmission ensures stable operation. Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine has an advanced PLC operating system for synchronization and automation. It uses automatic water cooling or air cooling. This product has low energy consumption, excellent performance and easy maintenance.

corrugated pipe machine technical data

Extruder modelSJ30SJ45SJ65SJ65
Motor power4kw11kw18.5kw37kw
Pipe diameter4~10mm10~25mm16~50mm50~110mm
Production speed5~10m/min4~12m/min2~16m/min0.5~8m/min