Water Bottle Making Blowing Machine

High speed fully auto PET bottle blow molding machine 1. Machine description When it comes to bottling drinks production, 70% energy occurs at the blower. Lines are expexted to continuously produce more with less. Besides max the capacity, it is also important to min the using cost. 2. Machine...

Product Details

6000BPH PET bottle blowing machine for water 

FG 4 Cavities 6800-7200 pcs/h Automatic PLastic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Price With CE Approved

1.FG 4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine Description:       

FG4 PET bottle blowing machine fills the gaps in the domestic high-speed linear blowing machine. Currently, domestic single-mold speed of linear blowing machine still stay 1200-1500BPH, while international max single mold speed has reached 1800BPH. High-speed linear blowing machines rely on imports. In view of this situation, Faygo Union Machinery developed China first high speed linear blowing machine: FG4. The single mold speed can reach 1800 BPH. FG4 has 4 cavities, production capacity is 6800-7200BPH. FG4 linear blowing machine is developed completely independently, has our own intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than 10 national patents.


FG4 pet bottle blowing machine is composed of three modules: prefrom elevator, perform unscrambler and host machine. It is equipped with automatic perform loading and unloading system. The machine is applicable for all shapes of drinking water bottles, carbonated bottles and hot filling bottles.


This FG4 pet bottle machine has reasonable structure design, featured by its high speed, small space occupation, low power and HP consumption, less noise and excellent stability, and conforms to national beverage sanitary standards. It symbolizes the highest level of national linear blowing machine, It is the ideal bottle making equipment for beverage enterprises.

2. Machine model details

Max volumn(ml)20002000750...
Max bottle height(mm)328328300...
Max bottle diameter(mm)10510575...
Bottle neck size(mm)20-2520-2520-25
Max preform length(mm)150150140...

3. Main components of machine

a. The equipment includes bottle rinser, filling, capping machine, rack, sealing window, main motor, drive system, transmission system of bottles, cap sorting device, and electric control system and more.

b. The dumping gear of the bottle rinsing machine consists of water divider, bottle rinsing gripper, upper turntable, guide rail, protective shield, water-spraying device, water tray.

c. The filling machine is mainly made up of chamber, filling valve, guide rail, hoisting device, bottle jamming elevating gear, etc.

d. The cap-sealing machine consist of cap sorting machine, cap-setting guide rail and capping machine.

e. The auxiliary machine(optional) have bottle rinsing water reflux tank, bottle-feeding air conveyor, and bottel outputting chain. Besides, we will configure manual bottle feeding plateform, auto cap elevator and so on.

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