FG4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine

FG4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine
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FG4 PET Bottle Blowing Machine Introduction:

This PET bottle blowing machine is our new design and high technology. It mainly include: PET blowing machine main body, Preform Elevator& unscrambler, 0.2L-2L Bottle Molds,Host air compressor, Mounted Air treatment, Air storage tank, mold chiller and oven chiller. 

Our 4 cavity PET bottle blowing machine capacity can be 6500-8000bph, it can produce bottles from 200ml to 2000ml, bottle neck size can be 3025(3.9g) 2925(2.52g),1810(5.1g)1881(3.81g)

If your bottle weight: 330-350ml around 10g, 500-600ml around 12g, 750-1000ml around 18g, 1500ml around 28g, this machine can reach around 7200bottles per hour. 

Our PET Bottle Blowing Machines advantages:

1) Our PET bottle blowing machine increases the output, as we use rotary preform uploading,soft and continious, preform continious running instead step by step, movenment more soft. 

2) Reduce electric power consumption, only equipped with two heating box, each heating head distance is only 38.1mm, which can reduce 30% electric than the traditional one, around 130000kwh electic power, so one year based on 8 hours per day, can save around 20000$ money for you only on heating power;

3) With switherland brand electric ammeter to help you check every single bottle cost;

4) The unique cam linking system to integrade mold-opening, mold-locking and bottom mold elevating in one movement, it is controlled by servo driving system, which greatly shorten the blowing cycle and increase the speed.

5) Less dead zone=less air, our blowing machine no need LP air compressor& air clydiner to control the movement, as bottom mold elevate, mold close and mold lock is integrated in one cam, the cam is driven by servo motor.

Same speed blow machine, we save 1-2m3/min=save 20-30kw=save 8000-10000USD per year for you.

6)We use Aviation aluminum 7075 material,which reduce bad bottle rate, other machine below 0.3%, our machine below 0.1%

7)We have more than 13 patents on this PET bottle blowing machines, no one in the world now use this kinds of system.