HDPE Yogurt Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

HDPE Yogurt Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine
Product Details


design fram:

1. HDPE Yogurt Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine Screw can be designed upon customer's request; the screw and barrel are made of special steel and processed by nitrifying.

2. The special structure of extruder, and the vertical and longitudinal adjustment of flat-table can be adjusted automatically, so as to the blow nozzle post, furthermore, which equipped with water cooling device.

3. Refer to PE/PVC for changing production to each other which just to replace some components.

4. Special desigbed of hydraulic, circuiting and accuracy of moulding movement and positioning. Furthermore, there can be installed the parison parameter controller to adjust the thickness automatically.

5. Which can be installed auto bottom releasing of moulding and auto circular cutter for jar.

6. Selecting computer controlling system upon customer's request.


components resources:

PC screen

 Germany Siemens


Germany Siemens

oil pump

Japan yuken

main direction valve

Taiwan Northman hydraulic valve

Two-way proportional valve

Taiwan Northman valve

Two-way multiply throttle valve

Taiwan Northman valve

Pilot operated check valve

Taiwan Northman valve

oil seal



Denmark holip

blowing valve


AC contactor


Air switch


Thermal relay


Small relay


machine  details:



Product Description

  • The screw adopt high potency melt to make sure the material well mixed for different material such as PP,PE,PS,PAN,PA,PPE,PPO,ABS,POM,TRV

  • Adopt frequency control of motor system to reduce the power consumption

  • Choose single and double station according to your output easily

  • Adopt horizontal movement frame to improve stability and speed

  • The oil cylinder is inthe center of the moldboard,uniform stess for quality products and increase life span.

  • Three guild rod controller the mold open and clamp,to enhance the steadily and high efficiency.

  • The extrusion frame use head device,to influence the melt matetial avoid joint with the mold.

  • The extrusion head use spreader or screw type to well mixed the thickness and easy to change different color.

  • Adopt parison control when necessary for thickness

  • The professional oil system to reduce strike and noise

  • Use auto circular cutting system and automatic Conveyor belt for fully automatic produce when necessary

  • According customer's request,labeling machine is assorted.

Company Information

Taizhou Huangyan JUNENG Mould Co.,Ltd located in Zhejiang Huangyan --- The Town of Mould.  has become a professional mould company with good managing and manufacturing system depend an the experienced workforce. We are the member of China Processing Industry Association,and a professional manufacturing company of Auto extrusion blow molding machine,Two-steps PET Blow Molding Machine.

Our company introduce overseas advanced technology, formed a research and development team with many experts, engineers and technicians, to ensure the high quality products.Our company specialized in designning and producting many series and sizes extrusion blow molding machines, full automatic stretch blow molding machines and semi automatic blow molding machines.We can produce many kinds of plastic extrusion productions range from 5ml to 260 liters.We can supply the die-mold, like the single cavity die-mold, double cavities die-head,three cavities die-head, four cavities die-head and six die-head, we can also supply single layer,double layer and so on.We have thousands of machinery debugging experience.We can produce many kinds of material productions