plastic bucket making machine

plastic bucket making machine
Product Details

PC 4gallons 5gallons Water Barrels Making Machine TDB-25APC



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Max. Product Volume(L)25L
Single station
Dry Cycle(pc/h)600
Screw Diameter(mm)82
Screw L/D ratio(L/D)38(30)
Screw heating capacity(ΦKW)16.7
No. of heating zone(ZONE)8
Max.Output of HDPE(Kg/hr)160(PC)
Oil pump drive power(KW)45
Clamping force(KN)215
Mold stroke(mm)350~780
Max. Size of Mold(W*H)(mm)550*650
Max. Die Diameter(mm)150
Die heat capacity(KW)4.1
No. of heating zone(ZONE)4
Blowing pressure(Mpa)1.2
Air volume(M3/MIN)1.0
Cooling water pressure(Mpa)0.3
Water consumption(L/MIN)150
Size of machine ( L*W*H)(m)6.3*2.2*3.8
Weight of machine(TON)12