Plastic Drum Chemical Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine

Plastic Drum Chemical Jerrycan Blow Molding Machine
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Plastic drum chemical jerrycan blow molding machine

Extrusion blow molding machine features:

1. The screw adopts high potency melt to make sure the material well mixed.

2. Adopt frequency control of motor system to reduce the power consumption.

3. Adopt horizontal movement frame to improve stability and speed.

4. The oil cylinder is in the center of the moldboard, uniform stress for quality products and increase life span.

5. High stench guild rod controller the mold open and clamp, to enhance the steadily and high efficiency.

6. The extrusion head use spreader or screw type to well mixed the thickness and easy to change different color.

7.Advanced design to eliminate the melt material degrade in the runner, to avoid the perform draw-down and the welding line.

8. The precise time control system assured good quality, suitable weight and reduces production cycle.

9. Freely to move the extrusion foundation backward or forward to make the exchange of the mold easy.

10. Multi-function bottom blowing type for shaped products.

11. The mechanical arm can take out the product automatically.

hdpe drum extrusion blow molding machine parameter

ItemCode itemParameterNote


(Main extruder )

Max capacity160L
Main screwØ100mmHigh efficiency mixing
Screw L/D25-30
Screw material
Max.Extruder consumption180-250KG/hr
Twisting transition methodElectrical machinery,Gear box,AC motorHard gear surface decelerator with AC regulator
Driving motor55KW
Screw rotate speed5-60r/min
Ahead/back adjustingYes
Up/ down adjustingYes
Temperature control zone5
Heating power22kw
Cooling for blower5
Cooling functionYesCooling water

Clamping unit

(Mold openiing/closing unit)

With three bar timing clamping structure in high speed and high force,to achieve quality products
Clamping directionsLinear guideFor high precise location for longer service life
Platen dimension1100*1100mm(W*H)
Max.mold dimension900*1400mm(W*H)
Platen distance600-1400mmMin.-Max.
Clamping force360-560KN
Mold thickness stroke610-750mm
Fixing pattern of moldMold press platen
Mold open/close stroke controlInducing Switch +movingDiscriminate mold opening/closing end,mold opening/closing slow speed
Light Electric Safety protect
Die headFormAccumulatorFirst in ,First out
38CrMoALA,inner mirror treatment
Accumulator volume18L
Output of injecting13kgHDPE,5502
Max die-pin diameter450-510mm
Heating Method
Stainless steel heating ring,precision +1%
Temperature control zone5
Adjusting of parison thicknessYesMOOG 100 point
Adjusting method of thicknessInner mold adjusting+5mm

Product which made by this machine.

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