4000BPH Auto Water Filling Machine

12-12-4 5L-10L fully automatic water filling machine made in China 12-12-4 filling machine description: 1. Automatic Bottling 3 in 1 mineral / pure Water Filling Machine adopt Rinsing / Filling / Capping 3-in-1 technology, PLC control, Touch Screen, it is mainly made of food grade SUS304 . 2. It...

Product Details

14-12-5 250ml-2.5L fully automatic water filling machine made in China

14-12-5 filling machine description:

1. This Automatic CGF Wash-filling-capping 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine is used to produce bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage and other non-gas Liquid.

2. This Machine can be applied to all kinds of plastic machine such as PET, PE. Bottles size can vary from 200ml-2000ml meanwhile few changeover is needed.

3. This model of filling machine is designed for the low/middle capacity and small factory. It takes low buying cost, low water and electricity consumption and few space occupation into consideration at the beginning.

4. At the same time it can perfectly complete the function of washing, filling and capping. It improves the sanitary conditions and simplifies the maintenance compared with the last generation water filling machine. 

14-12-5 filling machine parameter:

Applicable bottle

Plastic bottle 0.25L-2.5L

Plastic screw cap

Applicable filling contentMineral water
Washing station14
Filling nozzle12
Capping head5
Main motor power2.2kw
Water pump power0.37kw
Dimension (mm)2400*1650*2500
Weight (kg)2500

14-14-5 filling machine characteristic:

1. intelligent contact screen, human design, easy operation.
2. Imported filling valve, avoiding drop leaking, accurate filling quantity.
3. Program logic controller(PLC), easy for changing size or modifying parameters.
4. Pneumatic elements are all imported, stability and reliability.
5. Accurate liquid sensing, automatically adding liquid, ordinary pressure flow passage parameters
6. Solely and specially-designed whole lifting device, easy governing to meet the needs of all kindsof container packing
7. Photo-electric sensing and pneumatic linking control, automatic protection for shortage of bottle.
8. Pneumatic executive control valve, high efficiency and safety. Each flow passage can be separately governed and cleaned.
9. Close positioning design, easy governing, suitable for packing of all sizes of bottles.
10. The whole machine is designed according to requirements of buyer's.

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