5000-36000BPH CGF Series Fully Auto Filling Machine For Water

5000-36000BPH CGF Series Fully Auto Filling Machine For Water
Product Details

5000-36000BPH CGF series fully auto filling machine for water

Brief introduction:

The CGF series bottled water filling line is used to fill mineral water or purified water into PET bottles from 200ml-2500ml. Different models can satisfy various requirements of output from 5000BPH to 36000BPH. It is a kind of production line for producing potable drinking water(purified water, mineral water).

This CGF series bottling machine incorporates rinsing, filling and cappingn into one and is a kind of full-auto equipment. It is suitable for producing PET and plastic bottles mineral water and purified water. The methof of filling adopts gravity or micro-pressure filling which makes the filling velocity faster and more stable. Therefore, compared with sililar products, this equipment has features of higher output and bigger benefits. The equipment is fitted with advanced Misubishi PLC to control the operation and cooperated by frequency converter of the main motor, it makes the operation more stable and reliable.

Main components of equipment:

1. The machine includes bottle rinser, filling machine, capping machine, rack, sealing window, main motor, drive system, transmission system of bottles, cap sorting device, and electric control system and more.

2. The dumping gear of the bottle rinsing machine consists of water divider, bottle rinsing gripper, upper turntable, guide reail, protective shield, water-spraying device, water tray.

3. The filling machine is mainly made up of filling chamber, filling valve, guide rail, hoisting device, bottle jamming elevating gear, etc.

4. The cap-sealing machine consist of cap sorting machine, cap-setting guide rail and capping machine.

5. The auxiliary equipments have bottle rinsing water reflux tank, bottle-feeding air conveyor, and bottle-outputting chain. Besides, we will configure manual bottle feeding platform, auto cap elevator and so on.

Machine parameter:

Model CGF14-12-5CGF16-16-5CGF24-24-6CGF32-32-8CGF40-40-10CGF50-50-12etc
Washing heads141624324050
Filling heads121624324050
Capping heads55681012
Main motor power1.5kw3kw3kw3kw5.5kw7.5

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