6400-8000BPH Washing Filling Sealing Machine For Cup

Cup Washing Filling Sealing Machine FG-C filling machine description: 1. This Automatic Wash-filling-Sealing 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine is used to produce bottled mineral water, purified water, alcoholic beverage and other non-gas Liquid. 2. This Machine can be applied to all kinds of plastic...

Product Details

6400-8000BPH Washing Filling Sealing Machine for Cup

FG-C filling machine component parts:

l  Omron PLC

l  domestic reducer

l  domestic splitter

l  domestic cylinder

l  domestic motor

l  Mindman solenoid

l  S.S. chain

l  S.S. heating element

l  acid-resisting aluminium mould board

l  S.S. frame

14-12-5 filling machine parameter:

FG-CCup Washing Filling Sealing Machine
Capacity6400-8000 cups/hour4000-5000BPH
Applicable bottle


Voltage380V/ 50Hz
Air consumption0.8/min
Weight 700kg


1.       auto cup dropping (cups should be stacked, but can’t stick together)

2.       auto cup washing 

3.       auto filling

4.       twice sealing

5.       auto film cutting

6.       wasted film recycling

7.       auto cup exiting

8.       date printing 

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