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Air compressor

Nov 15, 2016

Air compressors are the product of industrial modernization, electrical and automation has often said all air means.

Air compressor (air compressor) of many kinds.

1, the works can be divided into three categories: volume, power-type (speed or Turbo type), thermal-type compressors.

2, classified according to the lubrication oil-free air compressors and oil-lubricated air compressor.

3, classified according to the performance: low noise, variable frequency, explosion-proof air compressor.

4, can be classified by use: refrigerator compressor, air compressors, refrigeration compressor, oil field compressors, gas station, drilling machines, pneumatic tools, vehicles used, doors opening and closing, textile machinery, tires, plastics machinery used compressors, compressors, ship for mine compressors, compressors for medical use, sand painting.

5, can be classified by type: fixed, mobile, closed.

Positive displacement compressors – depend directly on gas storage capacity to increase gas pressure of the compressor.

-Are positive displacement compressors piston compressors, compression is a piston, rotary compressor-are positive displacement compressors, compression is achieved by the forced movement of the rotating components.