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Air compressor technical terms

Nov 15, 2016

Noise control of compressor muffler, muffler tunnel and acoustic technology in three areas:

Install muffler

The main noise source is the inlet and outlet, should be used for intake and exhaust muffler. Air compressor air inlet noise is low frequency spectrum characteristics of inlet silencer should use resistant structure or in a resistance resistance composite structure. Air compressor discharge pressure, high flow speed should be used in air compressor outlet micropore muffler.

Set noise reduction tunnel

Noise reduction tunnel underground or partially underground tunnels, tunnel wall with good sound absorption of bricks. Air compressor intake manifold and muffler tunnel connecting the air through noise reduction tunnel into the air compressor. Noise can make the air compressor in tunnel of intake noise is greatly reduced, muffler than the average service life is long.

Establish sound insulation cover

Air compressor intake and exhaust install mufflers or set noise after the tunnel, air flow noise can be reduced to 80db (a), air compressor motor noise and mechanical noise is still very high, so it should be installed on the air-compressor unit acoustic enclosure. 4, hanging space of absorber: linghein compressor station in Foshan, large empty factory reverb is very heavy. In plants dispersed suspension the ceiling absorber, plant noise can be reduced 3-10dB (a), reverberation time 5-10s