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Heating and cooling device for plastic extrusion machine

Nov 15, 2016

Heating and cooling is necessary for the plastic extrusion process can be.

A extrusion presses usually use electric heating, divided into resistive heating and induction heating, heater installed in various parts of the body, neck and head. Heating device by an external heating cylinder of plastic, so that it heats up, to reach operating temperatures.

B cooling unit is to ensure that the plastic is set in process the required temperature range. In order to exclude specific screw rotating shear friction produced excess heat, to avoid high temperature decomposition of plastic and scorch or stereotyped difficulties. Machine tube cooling is divided into water and wind cold two species, General small and medium squeeze plastic machine used wind cold compared right, large is more used water or two species form combined cooling; screw Rod cooling main used Center water, purpose is increased material solid conveying rate, stable out rubber volume, while improve products quality; but in hopper at of cooling, a is to strengthening on solid material of conveying role, prevent for warming makes plastic grain sent stick jam material mouth, II is guarantee drive part normal work.