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Plastic extruder

Nov 15, 2016

Plastic extrusion equipment, commonly referred to as the host of a plastic extruder, plastic extrusion follow-up equipment and its supporting machines are called auxiliary. Plastic extruder after more than 100 years of development, has been derived from a single screw double screw, multi screw, even without screws and other models. Plastic extruder (host) can be used with tubing, films, holding materials, monofilament, tape, packing tape, extruded mesh, plate (sheet) materials, profiles, granulation, cable wrap, plastic auxiliary machine matches, composed of a variety of plastic extrusion production line, the production of all kinds of plastic products. Therefore, plastic extrusion machinery either now or in the future, both in the plastics processing industry is one of the most widely used models.

Plastic extruder extruder is the host, it consists of extrusion systems, drive systems, and heating and cooling systems.

Extrusion system consists of screw and barrel, Hopper, die, and die, plastics by squeezing the system plastics melt evenly, and, in the process of establishing, under pressure from continuous by screw extruder.