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Air Compressor Production Progress Status

Nov 15, 2016

With the air compressor industry level of research and development, design, manufacture level level level, operation, inspection, testing and improvement of the service level, the domestic compressors are gradually reducing dependence on foreign products, further enhance the localization process.

Plays an important role in the economic development of an air compressor, will drive steel chemical, mining and metallurgy, electric power, progress in military aerospace and other important industries. For a long time, domestic air compressor core competitiveness is not strong in the field, reliant on foreign. The past two years, in terms of localization of major equipment, relying on large projects, access to breakthrough.

Relying on advanced coal chemical industry, coal and oil, coal-gas, coal to olefins, LNG new and expansion projects, large reciprocating air compressor be used widely. Coupled with the energy industry development, the continuous development of the production technology of the compressor, has now entered a stage of stable development. With the rapid development of air compressors, air compressor market concentration increases gradually, gradually formed a group of leading companies in the future, with technology, energy-saving advantages of enterprises will continue to increase, these enterprises by industry consolidation to constantly improve competitiveness.

However, my compressor industry, although progress has been achieved, but the key parts to be imported, made a stumbling block. Small scale, dispersion, low industrial concentration, lack of high-end technology, low proportion of capacity too large; serious of product homogeneity. Facing these issues and the fierce market competition, enterprises need an air compressor to increase strength, structural adjustment, promote industrial upgrading and enterprise should vigorously accelerating technology research and development, continuous product innovation and improve their market competitiveness. Enterprises should speed up elimination of outdated technology, high energy-consuming equipment, push the compressor equipment upgrade from low value added to high value added, so as to give the compressor industry opportunity for further development.