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Air Compressor The Details Of The Introduction

May 27, 2017

  Air Compressor he current rapid development of the air compressor industry, whether it is products, services, accessories and so have developed into a mature industry, competition has become increasingly fierce, foreign brands gradually into the domestic industry and new entrants in their respective The market for their own station, it can be said that the Red Sea. The industry's structural adjustment and reshuffle, as the majority of practitioners of the air compressor industry topics, and we have to look to the inverter air compressor, hope that the air compressor industry to become a new starting point and the new growth point The


  Air Compressor With the country's strong support for energy-saving industries and energy crisis constraints in the context of enterprise development, more people and businesses began to become more concerned about the energy saving in the production process. For a long time, air compressor in the production process for the enterprise to provide aerodynamic at the same time, also spent a large part of the power, was called the tiger. Frequency conversion air compressor because the inverter can control the motor speed, according to the size of customer demand for gas and gas production, to avoid the power loss due to unloading. So the inverter air compressor can not only ensure that customers more stable gas, so that the production process becomes more stable, improve the level of the product process, but also save the energy consumed. Ningbo Desman production of "Deman frequency" air compressor, the average saving rate can reach 29.5%, it should be said that energy efficiency is still very high.


  Air Compressor In the increasingly fierce market competition in the moment, the air compressor industry should seek innovation and change. In the future, only customers can save more electricity for customers to create greater value of the enterprise in order to compete in the new round of the compressor industry come to the fore. For the inverter air compressor industry, perhaps the way to go is still very long, but from the current point of view, the front of the sun has been bright, the future will be a sunny day