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Automatic Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding Machine Features

Jul 31, 2017

Automatic Blow Molding Machine Blow Molding Machine Features

Blow Molding Machine Features

1. Screw center shaft and cylinder by 38CrMoAlA chromium, molybdenum, aluminum alloy made by nitrogen treatment, with high thickness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance and so on.

2. Die chrome, screw mandrel structure to discharge more uniform and smooth, better to complete the blown film. The complex blown film structure makes the output gas more uniform. Lifting units with square frame platform structure, to enhance the height of the frame can be automatically adjusted according to different technical needs.

3. Discharge equipment using peeled rotary equipment and center rotating equipment, and the use of torque motor to adjust the film smoothness, easy to operate.

Classification of blow molding machines

Blow molding machine can be divided into extrusion blow molding machine, injection blow molding machine and special structure blow molding machine three categories. The stretch blow molding machine can be attributed to each of the above categories. Extrusion blow molding machine is a combination of extruder and blow molding machine and mold clamping mechanism, composed of extruder and parison die, inflatable device, mold clamping mechanism, parison thickness control system and transmission mechanism. The parison die is one of the important components that determine the quality of the blow molded product, usually with a side feed type die and a central feed type die. Large products blow molding more use of storage tank-type parison die. Storage tank volume of the smallest 1kg, up to 240kg. The parison thickness control device is used to control the parison wall thickness, the control point up to 128 points, usually 20 to 30 points. Extrusion blow molding machine can produce volume range of 2.5ml ~ 104l of hollow products.

Injection blow molding machine is a combination of injection molding machine and blow molding mechanism, including plasticizing mechanism, hydraulic system, control electrical and other mechanical parts. Common types are three-position injection blow molding machines and four-station injection blow molding machines. Three-position machine has prefabricated parison, inflatable and stripping three stations, each station separated by 120 °. Four-station machine is more than a pre-forming station, each station separated by 90 °. In addition, there are double-bit injection blow molding machines separated by 180 °. Injection molding machine production of plastic containers size is accurate, no secondary processing, but the higher cost of mold.

Special structure Blow molding machine is a blow molding machine with a sheet, a molten material and a cold blank for a hollow body with a special shape and purpose. Due to the different shapes and requirements of the products produced, the structure of the blow molding machine is different.

After the liquid plastic sprayed out, the use of the wind blown out of the machine, the plastic body will be attached to a certain shape of the cavity, and thus made of products, this machine is called blow molding machine. The plastic is melted and quantitatively extruded in a screw extruder, then passed through the mouthpiece, and then the wind blows, and then the tractor is pulled at a certain speed, and the winder is wound into a roll.

 Currently on the market popular packaging mainly to plastic-based, plastic blow molding machine-based blow molding industry in the market a larger proportion, but then follow the plastic bottle more stringent, environmental protection and energy saving new index threshold. This makes the blow molding machine in the market share of the increase in response to stimulate the blow molding machine production machinery industry, while environmental protection and energy saving technology in the blow molding machine industry attention.

    With the green energy-saving concept more and more popular, the market a lot of high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products gradually eliminated, manufacturers are to keep up with the program, towards energy-saving emission reduction, plastic blow molding machine machinery manufacturing industry application of high-tech , To produce a new type of blow molding machine conform to the diverse needs of the market.