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Blow Molding Machine Hollow Blow Molding

Jul 01, 2017

Blow Molding Machine Hollow blow molding

Blow Molding Machine Working principle: The plastic is melted and quantitatively extruded in the screw extruder, and then through the die forming, the blowing system is blown and cooled, and then pulled by the tractor of the fixture mechanism at a certain speed, Wrap around.

Blow molding, also known as hollow blow molding, a rapid development of plastic processing methods. The thermoplastic resin is extruded or injection molded into a tubular plastic parison which is heated (or heated to a softened state), placed in a split mold, and immediately after the mold is closed, compressed air is introduced into the parison, Swell and close to the mold wall, the cooling stripping, that is, a variety of hollow products. Blown film manufacturing process in principle and hollow products blow molding is very similar, but it does not use the mold, from the plastic processing technology classification point of view, blow molding film molding process is usually included in the extrusion. Blowing process during the Second World War began to produce low-density polyethylene vials. The late 50s, with the birth of high-density polyethylene and blow molding machine development, blow molding technology has been widely used. Hollow container volume up to thousands of liters, and some production has been used in computer control. Applicable to blow molding of plastic polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc., the hollow containers are widely used as industrial packaging containers.

Plastic packaging is now growing demand, and now the main force of food packaging materials is flexible packaging. The quality of the film forming is determined by the quality of the blow molding machine and blown film technology, so the blow molding machine will become one of the industry's most important mechanical equipment. Blow molding machine development of high-end technology, has become a soft packaging into a food lead. Take a new blow molding machine manufacturing road, so blown film can be used as food preservation and many other application technology. Now the use of plastic wrap, blow molding machine out of the new technology, making fruit and vegetables durable release. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental needs, plastic blow molding machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial model, and promote the plastics industry to the high-end forward. Blow Molding Machine The new blow molding machine produced by the machine tool industry has sheet blow molding machine, PE foam film blow molding machine, multi-layer composite blow molding machine, color blowing machine, heat shrink film blow molding machine, etc., to meet the market On a variety of products, packaging, high-end blown film quality to win the favor of high-end goods packaging.

Food packaging is the most widely used field of film, blow molding machine blowing high-grade film can be used for product packaging publicity, improve business value. Blow Molding Machine to Improve Food Packaging Commercial Value A good blow molding machine exhibits good market adaptability in the process of producing film, while improving production efficiency while providing convenience for the harmonious development of society.

Basic principles and operational principles

Automatic air ring structure on the use of double-tuyere mode, where the air flow to maintain a constant, the upper air is divided into a number of ducts, each duct by the wind chamber, valves, motors and other components, by the motor-driven valve to adjust the duct opening Degree, control the size of each air duct.

During the control process, the thickness of the film is detected by the thickness measurement signal to the computer. The computer compares the thickness signal with the current set average thickness, controls the motor-driven valve movement according to the thickness deviation and the curve change trend. The motor is moving in the opposite direction, and the air flow is increased. By changing the air volume on the circumference of the wind ring, the cooling rate of each point is adjusted so that the transverse deviation of the film is controlled in the range of the target The

Above is the basic principle of blow molding machine, after understanding, we come to understand the operating principle of blow molding machine.

In the process of blown film production, the film thickness uniformity is a very important indicator, in which the vertical thickness uniformity can be controlled by the extrusion and traction speed stability, and the film thickness uniformity of the thickness of the general resistance to die-based precision manufacturing , And with the production process parameters change, in order to improve the thickness of the film thickness uniformity, the need to introduce automatic horizontal thickness control system, commonly used control methods are automatic die (thermal expansion screw control) and automatic air ring, here mainly introduces the automatic wind ring Principle and application.