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Blow Molding Machine Temperature Control For Plastic Bottles

Nov 15, 2016

Plastic bottles made by blow molding machine that is common in the plastics processing and processing projects, so in this process to focus on where is it? I'm going to tell you the temperature, temperature of certainty is essential for processing plastic bottles. At the time of operation of blow molding machines for processing, it is necessary to pay attention to temperature control to ensure to create a suitable plastic bottles.

Flow temperature: at a certain pressure does not flow under high temperature. Is will a quantitative of plastic joined capillary rheological instrument mouth die top of material tube in the, heating to a a temperature, constant refresher 10MIN Hou, imposed 50MPA constant pressure, if the material not from mouth die in the outflow, unloading pressure Hou will material temperature increased difficulty 10 degrees, insulation 10MIN Hou again imposed also size of constant pressure, so continues to until melt body from mouth die in the outflow weizhi, will this temperature reduction out 10 degrees that is the material of not flow temperature. Flow temperature TF: of amorphous polymers consisting of high-elastic transition flow pattern of the temperature for viscosity. Is the lower limit temperature of amorphous plastics processing.

Decomposition temperature TD: in a flow state when temperature rises of polymer will degradation of the molecular chain, up to the apparent degradation of the polymer chains temperature decomposition temperature. The melting temperature TM: for crystalline polymers, molecular chain structure of remote order into disorder three dimensional viscous flow pattern of the temperature, also called the melting point. Is the lower limit of crystalline polymer processing temperature. The glass transition temperature TG refers to amorphous polymers (including non-crystallization in crystalline polymers segment) from glassy to highly elastic State or by the latter to the former, the transition temperature. Amorphous polymer chains is the minimum temperature of the freedom movement, product operating temperature limit.