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Bottle Blowing Machine

Nov 15, 2016

Blow molding machine: is the bottle blowing machine, the simple explanation is that the plastic particles (softened into liquid) or preform blow bottle machine by means of certain process.

Plastic hollow container with light weight and low price, high security features, widely used in beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and chemical industry, but also to attract more manufacturers to choose plastic containers instead of glass containers. Today's most advanced equipment, plastic molds, and raw materials all show them in front of us, new technologies and new applications emerge across the hollow plastic molding fields is fruitful. As world oil prices soar, plastic raw material prices are high, and alternative products developed province, low energy consumption, raw materials is one of market trends.

• Use oil-free air bag clamping technology, clamping force and elbow running into less force and long life. • fly out of seals patented technology, making it easier for sealing particularly jar sealing. 

Stretch blow molding machine is a means of hollow blow molding of plastic particles into containers of equipment, now more common models include, the use of PP and PE of hollow extrusion blow molding machines, use PET,PC or twice a PP injection stretch blow molding machine, as well as new development of multilayer hollow extrusion-blowing and stretch blow molding.

Most blown bottle blowing machine is still two steps, which must first be made of plastic material preform, and then blowing. Today's green plastic commonly used PET material. Blow molding machine: is after liquid plastic spray, wind blowing out of the machine, the plastic body blows to a certain shape of the mold cavity to produce products, this machine is called the blow-moulding machine. Is a kind of bottle blowing machine, namely hydraulic blow molding machine.

Thermoplastic resins obtained by extrusion or injection molding of tubular plastic parison, before it's too late (or heating to soften condition), placed in the split cavity, shut immediately into the compressed air in the parison to make plastics parison blowing and close to the mold walls, cooling mold release, that is hollow.