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Common Features Of Many Automatic Bottle-blowing Machine

Nov 15, 2016

A wide variety of automatic bottle-blowing machine, we must pay attention to when choosing the right model for production. Here we come into contact with is one of the categories, we can look at its features.

Automatic bottle-blowing machine features:

1 subparagraph, heating zone with independent temperature control, heating lamps, reflective plates in the area of location and distance can be adjusted according to preform different shapes, sizes, and to achieve the best heating effect.

2, the use of constant-voltage thermostat controlling infrared lamp heats the preform, ensure adequate, accurate and stable preform heating, not under the influence of changes in input voltage.

3, the automatic bottle-blowing machine according to the different product needs can support dual-Chamber double-stretch tank, three-Chamber three stretch-cylinder, four-four stretch tank stretch six-cylinder or six cavity design features can be adjusted separately using single-cavity drawing cylinder to fit the equipment or testing needs.

4, control system with automatic barrier function when operational errors or fails, the computer will display and alert.

5, easy to change die, volume volume mode no adjustment in the context of the corresponding machine mold thickness.

6, the automatic bottle-blowing machine for blowing 30 ml-5 litres of cold, hot-filling bottles and other plastic containers.

7, all production process automation, can be combined simultaneously supporting multiple machines to fully automated production lines, the entire production process without manual contact preform or finished bottles.