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Development Status Of PET Bottles Of Depth Of Analysis

Nov 15, 2016

PET containers are now mainly confined to the biaxially oriented pet blow molding bottle. China two-way stretch polyester blow plastic bottle in plastic packaging industry in the started more late, but since in the 1980 of the 20th century from Japan introduced note pulled blow PET bottle line zhihou that in to Coke for representative of beverage packaging in the made has is good of effect, then introduced has large abroad advanced of note pulled blow PET bottle production equipment, while in digest abroad advanced technology of based Shang, development has has independent intellectual property, and for China conditions of, and structure simple of two footwork PET stretch blow plastic machine, it and General injection machine tie using, Use universal injection machines to manufacture PET preforms, PET bidirectional stretch blowing bottles. 

Biaxially oriented PET bottles blowing machine made two steps, some models can produce not only ordinary PET biaxially oriented bottle, but also production of heat-resistant biaxially oriented PET bottles, production volume of products covered by the import equipment can produce dozens of mL vials to the wider area of 5-gallon buckets. The simple bottle-blowing machine not only has low cost and flexibility advantages of, and controlled properly is also able to produce high quality, practical, biaxially oriented PET bottle blowing, so recognized of the plastics processing industry at home and abroad, in addition to domestic use in addition to parts for export. Although these equipment and imported advanced equipment production between less efficient, less automation, product gaps with poor dimensional accuracy, for some particularly demanding applications (such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and other product packaging), its application is difficult. 

In addition, the co-blow moulding PET bottles production equipment has yet to be developed in China, biaxially oriented PET bottles blowing machine but made two steps for the promotion of development and utilization of PET bottle production to the high speed development should not be ignored, a huge boost. Currently, China of PET bottle production enterprise in the both has world Shang the well-known enterprise manufacturing of most advanced of PET bottle automatically line (as Japan ASB company, and green wood solid company of automatic PET bottle line, France SEDEL company of automatic PET bottle line and Italy SIPA company of automatic PET bottle line) of large backbone enterprise, while, also has large used China itself design manufacturing of various different automation degree of simple, and practical type two-way PET Blowing machine for small and medium enterprises, showing an unprecedented situation of blooming, thriving.