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Domestic Problems Of Plastic Extruder

Nov 15, 2016

In our country of plastic extrusion machines, domestic and imported die head die head used more, not imports than domestic ones. A high demand for imported die head, design flow, and according to the liquidity designed. Imported die head adopts the high-quality materials, production and product quality is also very good. Using imported die head is not capable of producing high-quality films, need to meet a whole line of quality products. Now with the improvement of the industry, domestic die processing equipment in material, heat treatment and plating has made great progress in all aspects. In recent decades, domestic equipment are made in die head. Some products imported die head in recent years, but is still dominated by domestic die.

Cooling roll: many people think domestic unhappiness was die and machine design problem, actually roll is also a key issue, domestic cast roll of thick 18mm, thick 8mm abroad, casting film and cold forming, too thick stereotype is too slow to open slowly, imports because the thin open fast. Shi-Cheng has been doing now casting roll, thickness of around 9-10MM, hope can speed up the production line.

Corona: Corona Corona without flattening film, uneven Corona, Corona must be flattened membranes, Corona roller hardness liquid silicone and 70 degrees the best present Corona roller are around 65 degrees, not enough hardness. Therefore, Shi Cheng liquid rubber roller has reached 70 degrees. On the main problems of negative Corona in cots, films are not flattened, Cot hardness is not enough.

Online synchronization: many casting unit synchronization in about 5, when on slow speed, thickness uniformity, but wasting a lot. In fact, the main problem is that electrical design and reduction gearboxes selection, Shi Cheng has now improved, and synchronization in 0. Around 1, also will open faster and faster