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Faygo Pipe Machine Testing For Yemen Clients

Aug 05, 2019

Hello everyone, this week our company tested two PE pipe lines and two PE corrugated pipes machine. The diameter of the PE pipe is 16-32mm. The customer is used to make the electric wiring pipe. The production line speed can reach 6-8m/min. The main machine is controlled by 18.5kw Siemens beide motor. The contactor is made of Siemens brand. Schneider's brand, PE tube vacuum box length of 6m, which contains vacuum and spray two parts, played a role in shaping and cooling, while the traction machine uses rubber block traction, with meter alarm, winding machine with duplex The bit winder can control the winding speed. The length of the line is 25 meters, 1.5 meters wide and two meters high.