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Hollow Blow Molding Machine, Blow Molding Method

Nov 15, 2016

Germany WEIMA machines company in February 2006 on Milan, 14-18th exhibition of plastic blow molding equipment, the latest results show the two steps, which is characterized by two primary and secondary blow molding machines. This equipment applicable to ABS, PA, PBT, PC, POM, PPA, LCP and other Engineering Thermoplastics budget blow, especially the blow molding of reinforced glass fiber and method for power on mass produced in large blocks of waste or leftover material.

Two-step method for blow molding, blow molding data WLK consolidate single-axis in the blow-moulding machine was blown into 40mm the size of the particles and using NZ subsequent blow molding machine was further blow as about 3~10MM of particles at the end, this is for a secondary blow on blow molding information and describe.

In order to prevent blow-rendering problem, Crusher continues to need to properly feed, which after manual operation is generally difficult to ensure. Once excess feed, General will cause blowing uneven attack waver, and along with the high standard of noise attack, the outcome is causing material accumulated or material is being destroyed because the heat weakened as a conflict. In addition, information on the causes of high sensitivity, as well as frequent replacement blades generally high blade wear remains to be observed.

Compare it with, a two-step blow can cause primary succession of blow molding machines, non-feeding, hopper played a buffer effect here. Feed in this way to optimize the entire production process means serious, because operators do not need no longer continuous operation of blow molding machines, and then enabling it to busy with other jobs.

After a switch of control, blowing plastic particles are now added to the excellent NZ secondary in the blow-moulding machine. Two blow-moulding machine's display can be selected as a top of the other, or one after the other. Secondary blow molding machine based on the cutting machine operating principle of operation, and painted specially for the pre-blow particles. Compared with the General type of blow molding machines, the second generation blow molding machine size is much smaller, just with less machine-driven energy. Because of its uniform feed, in an approximate speed of 450min-1, there is something wrong with you are attacks. When such a blow-moulding machine for blow molding information 2nd failure, noise level compared with the speed of the attack (n=450-500min-1) one-step process are much lower.