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Plastic Extruder Maintenance Method

Jul 01, 2017

Plastic Extruder Maintenance method

Maintenance method editor

plastic extruder equipment should be placed ventilation position to ensure that the motor heat dissipation, to extend its life; the machine should be maintained well grounded.

⒉ regularly check the tool screws, the new machine to use 1 hour later, with tools to tighten the knife, set the knife screw, to strengthen the blade and the knife between the fixed; should be regularly filling the bearing lubricating oil to ensure bearing lubrication ; In order to ensure the sharpness of the cutter incision, should always check the tool to ensure its sharpness, reduce the blade blunt caused by other parts of the unnecessary damage; regularly check whether the belt relaxation, timely tightening.

⒊ restart - the second start, you should first clear the remaining room crushed material to reduce the starting resistance should be regularly open the inertial cover and pulley cover, remove the flange below the gray mouth, because the crushing chamber discharge powder Material into the shaft bearings.

⒋ replacement parts - the replacement of the tool, the knife and the knife between the gap: 20HP crusher 0.8MM better, 20HP below the crusher 0.5MM is better. Recycled material is thinner, the gap can be properly adjusted.

Editor of domestic issues

Die: in our country's plastic extruder, imported die and domestic die are used more, not imported on the domestic better than certainly. Because the requirements of the import die is very high, the design flow, according to the material designed for liquidity. Import the use of high-quality die, the production of the product quality is also very good. The use of imported die does not mean that the production of high-quality film, commercial quality products need the whole line with. Now with the improvement of various industries, domestic die processing equipment in the material, heat treatment, electroplating has made great progress in all aspects. Nearly ten years, domestic equipment are basically used domestic die. In recent years, some products began to configure the import die, but still dominated by domestic die.

Cold roller: a lot of people think that domestic machine is not fast die and mechanical design problems, in fact, the roller is also a key issue, the domestic casting roll thick in 18mm, foreign thick in 8mm, cast film suddenly cold stereotypes, Too thick stereotypes too slowly to open unhappy, the import machine because of the thin so open fast Now Shi Cheng has also been doing casting roll, the thickness of 9 - 10mm or so, I hope the production line can be accelerated.

Corona: corona machine in the corona did not flatten the film, making corona uneven, into the corona before the film must be flattened, corona roller liquid silicone hardness of 70 degrees in the best, now the domestic corona Rollers are about 65 degrees, hardness is not enough. Therefore, Shicheng company liquid roller has reached 70 degrees. The main problem of negative corona is also on the rubber roller, the film is not flat, roller hardness is not enough.

Online synchronization: a lot of domestic fleet synchronization in about 5%, boot slowly speed, uniform thickness, but a lot of waste. In fact, the main problem is the electrical design and gearbox selection, and now Shicheng company has improved, synchronized in about 0.1%, will be opened faster and faster.

Edit the operation procedure

Plastic extrusion production lines in all types of products, have their operating characteristics, its operating characteristics have a detailed understanding, can give full play to the effectiveness of the machine. Extruder is one of the type of machine, grasp the operating point of the extruder, the right to use the extruder properly and rationally. The use of screw extruder, including the installation of the machine, adjustment, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair and a series of links, its use has the general machine common, mainly in the drive motor and slowdown transmission. But the screw extruder working system that is extrusion system, but unique features, the use of screw extruder should pay special attention to its characteristics. The installation, adjustment and commissioning of the machine are generally specified in the instruction manual of the extruder. The main points of operation, maintenance and maintenance of the extruder are as follows: The operator must be familiar with the structure of the extruder Features, in particular, to properly grasp the structural characteristics of the screw, heating and cooling control instrument characteristics, head characteristics and assembly, etc., in order to correctly grasp the extrusion process conditions, the correct operation of the machine.