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Plastic Extruder Operation

Nov 15, 2016

In all types of plastic extrusion line products, has its operating characteristics, have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of its operations before they can give full play to the efficiency of the machine. Extruder is one type of machine, grasp the operation of the extruder, extruder for proper use. Screw machine including machine installation, adjustment, testing, operation, maintenance and repair, such as a series of links, its use has in general machinery common, mainly in terms of drive motor and reduction unit. Screw extruder system of work that is out of the system, but unique, using screw extrusion machines should pay special attention to its features. Machine of installation, and adjustment, and test General in extrusion machine of using manual in the are has clear provides, here on extrusion machine of operation points, maintenance and maintenance briefly following: operation personnel must familiar himself by operation of extrusion machine of structure features, especially to right master screw rod of structure characteristics, heating and cooling of control instrument characteristics, and head characteristics and the Assembly situation,, to right to master extrusion process conditions, right to operation machine.

Plastic extruding machine, plastic extrusion needs to go through three stages, namely, plastic raw materials, molding and cooling. Plastic extruder is divided into many different types of screw extruder is divided into single-screw extruders, twin screw extruder, screw extrusion machines; extruder can be divided into continuous and non-continuous extrusion extrusion press. Extruder's output is decided according to the speed of the screw. Screw speed can affect the extrusion of plastics production, can also affect the plasticizing effect of the.