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Technical Development Of Bottle Blowing Machine

Nov 15, 2016

Beverage Enterprise for blow bottle equipment has two big urgent needs one is due to plastic raw materials price continued rose, beverage enterprise all didn't want to with how reduced packaging cost to reached profit of maximize, so need using advanced of blow bottle equipment production out weight more light of bottle; second is due to market changes of changing, beverage production enterprise must on beverage increasingly short of life cycle made flexible of reaction, and of phase corresponds to of is PET bottle production in the increasingly frequently of products update problem, Needed in the production process minimizes the time you replaces the mold. Both the urgent need to blowing equipment suppliers had a lot of problems.

Closed-loop (Closed Loop) technology is the link checking process parameters of stretch blow molding machine-integrated process control system, forming a closed, automatic control and automatic regulation combines the production cycle. Intelligent machines control technology is designed to improve the quality assurance system of bottle blowing machine. Through the use of AgrPETWallplus monitoring system for preforms of various data, such as wall thickness control. At work, deviation from the rated values of the data will be immediately identified, this information will be transmitted in a timely manner to preform heating unit control system of bottle blowing machine, the control system will be reflected quickly and individually controlled heating furnace the heat lamp rated. So even though the bottle is different from the data, the initialization parameters are still circumstances that remain the produce bottles quality is stable and reliable.