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We Are Sending One FG4 Pet Bottle Blower To Our Clients Factory

May 25, 2018

Our factory send one set of FG4 pet bottle blower to our client. This is the second FG4 blower for this client. Because of the first blower runing very well, they buy second blower now. The clients' factory have many blower from Sidel and SiPA, but a little old. Our FG4 bottle blower works much better than old machine. They said they will replace all blower in the future.

FG4 pet bottle blowing machine is new generation pet bottle blower. It is developed by our company and has 13 national invention patents. It is high advantage of high output, lowest consumption, stable running, easy for mainternace, easy fo mold changing, small dimension and so on. It improve the linear blowing machine largely.