soft PVC Compounding Granulating line

soft PVC Compounding Granulating line
Product Details

PVC,CPVC, soft PVC Compounding Granulating line

This line is mainly used for producing CPVC granules. With different screw design, it can produce rigid PVC granules, soft PVC granules, PVC cable granules etc.

The process flow of this line as blow: PVC powder + additive --- mixing---material feeder--- CPVC conic twin screw extruder--- extrusion die --- pelletizer --- air blower --- silo --- vibrator --- air blower --- silo

This extruder of CPVC granulating line adopt special conic twin screw extruder and the screw is hollow screw and its inside oil temperature control ssytem. The screw structure has advanced design for CPVC material, which provide powerful safeguard for the CPVC plasticization. The Siemens PLC control system make more convinient operation. The degassing system and screw temperature control system will ensure the quality of final CPVC granules.

The gearbox adopt hardening teeth gearbox, made by Jiangyin gearbox manufacturer which is top brand in China. The motor adopt Siemens standard motor and invter adopt ABB or Siemens. The degassing system will ensure the quality of final CPVC granules. The screw core temperature control system will improve the plasticization of the material.

The pelletizer is well blanced to match the extrusion die face. The air blower will blowing the granules into silo immedately after granules fall down.

The vibrator has cooling system, which can cooling the granules easily.

Technical data:

motor power18.5kw22kw37kw55kw90/110kw
air bower2.2kw2.2kw3kw3kw4kw