Single Screw Extruder with PLC controller

Single Screw Extruder with PLC controller
Product Details

Product Description

It is apply to extrude various kinds of plastic materials, such as PP, PE, PVC, PA, PS, ABS etc. With proper downstream equipments, it can produce pipes, profiles, board, sheet, granules and so on.

The screw of single screw extruder adopt 38CrMoAIA, with nitriding treatment. Gearbox adopt the drive of involute gear with low noise, steady operation, large bearing capacity.

Technical Parameter

ModelSJ25SJ45SJ65SJ75SJ90 SJ120       SJ150
Screw Dia.(mm)2545657590          120         150
L/D2525-3330-3330-3330-33         30-33        30-33
Main Motor(KW)1.51530/3755/7590/110      110/132      132/160
Output (KG/H)235-4080-100160-220250-320      350-380      450-550
Centre height10501050105010501100         1100         1100
Net Weight(KG)200600120025003000        4500          6200
L*W*H(m)1.2X0.4X1.22.5X1.1X1.52.8X1.2X2.33.5X1.4X2.33.5X1.5X2.5   4.8X1.6X2.6     6X1.6X2.8

Remark: if above mentioned parameter changed, forgive us won’t notify.