20-630mm HDPE Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine

20-630mm HDPE Plastic Pipe Extrusion Machine
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630mm Plastic PE Water Pipe Production Line

What is the feature of our PE Pipe  Mahcine:

This PE Drainage Pipe Extrusion Line can be used in PE Large Diameter Gas and Water Pipe which have excellent stiffness and flexibility, heat resistance, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance of environmental stress cracks, resistance to creep deformation, heat-linkage, and so on.

So, this pipe production line is a preferred gas and water pipe for ductwork system between city and its suburb.

Large diameter HDPE pipes start to play very important role in the city water and gas supply systems. Single screw extruder gas PE pipe plastic machine

 20-630mm PE HDPE plastic pipe extrusion machine production line 

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