PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Machine

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Product description:

1. The main body of this PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Machine is SJSZ65 / 132 conical twin-screw extruder. It is equipped with a double tube single control stainless steel vacuum calibration tank. When one tube is adjusted and the other tube is affected, it indicates the waste condition. Its automatic single-control double traction and cutting machine combines with front shaping technology to make operation more flexible. Its extruded tube has a diameter of 16-32 mm. It takes full advantage of the extruder's extrusion capabilities. Even if small diameter pipes are produced, a large yield can be obtained. It is used to produce small diameter cables, drains and water pipes.

2. PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Machine consists of a conical twin-screw extruder, a double-tube mold, a double vacuum tester, a double-tractor, a double-layer stacker, and a double-flare machine. It has high extrusion pressure and good plasticizing effect. A reliable temperature control system ensures high quality piping. It is controlled by PLC, so it is easy to operate. PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Machine has low power consumption, high output, and stable operation. Its auxiliary equipment can also choose pipe crusher, PVC milling machine, mixer, crusher and so on.

Machine picture:

Double/ Four Cavity PVC Electric Conduit Pipe Making Machine