HDPE PP Water Gas Supply Pipe Machine Line

HDPE PP Water Gas Supply Pipe Machine Line
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PP PE Pipe Machine line


Granular materials  Drying Machine   Extruder + Hot mould  Water Cooling tank   Four-wheeled tractor  Coiling machine(final products) 


1. Mainly used to produce water supply pipe;

2.Pipe produced has features of moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, anti-corrosion, anti-stress split and favorable hot melting;

3. Tailor made extruder, high capacity, energy saving  effect is around 35%, and the production efficiency is increased by 50%;

4.  High automation, fully computer controlling, Siemens PLC, WEG motor, Schneider, celduc, Parker Drive;

5.  20 years experience, highly reliable technical and afer sales service, massive market occupation;

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