HDPE Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine

HDPE Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine
Product Details

PE Water Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine Line


1. Color Mixer ( for raw material preparation)

2. Single Screw Extruder

3. Extrusion Mold

4. Vacuum Tank

5. Cooling Tank 

6. Haul Off Machine

7. Cutting Machine

8. Stacker ( for 110mm upto 1200mm)

9. Winding Machine ( for pipe diameter 16-63mm and 75-110mm)


Features of our machine PE Pipe Making Machine:


1. Good components: Siemens Beide main motor, ABB inverter, Eurotherm DC regulator, Siemens & Schneider low voltage electrics, Omron temperature controller

2. Good design and good outlook: We design the machine for easier operation and stable performance. The haul off machine and cutter is fully closed for safety purpose. Planetary socket is using in some machines for wire connection. 

3. Our engineers and technicians have more than 10 years experince, they know pipe machine well and make good pipe machine. 

4. Special design vacuum sizing tank can ensure the stability of size and rounedness,speed controllers are used in extruder,haul-off to offer stability and precision performance.

5. The whole line adopts PLC performance control system and large liquid crystal screen,which makes the operation very convenient.The line can be equipped with another extruder used for estruding the mark line.

Machine Picture

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