High Speed PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Line

High Speed PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Line
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High speed PE PPR pipe extrusion line

With the experience of plastic machine development and design, this high speed pipe extrusion line for PE, PP-R pipe is developed. This line adopt high speed extruder with high speed down stream equipment and the max production speed could be 35m/min (base on 20mm pipes).
This PE,PPR high speed pipe extrusion line using energy efficient single screw extruder with special mould, production efficiency than single high-speed production line increased by 30%, energy consumption lower than 20%, also effectively reduced labor costs.
According to the production, operator only need to change the mouth die, core mold, and do the production of two different diameter or different pressure grade of pipe.
The production of PPR or PE pipes can be realized by the appropriate transformation of the production line.
The machine could adop PLC control and color large screen liquid crystal display screen composed of control system, the operation is simple, linkage across the board, machine adjustment, automatic fault alarm, the whole line appearance, stable and reliable production.

modelpipe sizeextrudermotor powermax speedmax output
FGPH 6320~63mmSJ75110kw38m/min250kw