PP PE PPR Pipe Extrusion Line For Hot Water Supply

High speed PE PPR pipe extrusion line With the experience of plastic machine development and design, this high speed pipe extrusion line for PE, PP-R pipe is developed. This line adopt high speed extruder with high speed down stream equipment and the max production speed could be 35m/min (base...

Product Details

PP PE PPR pipe extrusion line for hot water supply

PPR pipe production line is consist of SJ series single screw extruder, mould, vacuum cooling tank, spray cooling tank, haul-off machine, cutting machine, stacker, etc. It is apply to produce PPR, PE-RT cold and hot water supply pipe. Equipped other extruder, different mould, it could produce PPR double-layer pipe, muti-layer pipe, PPR fiberglass reinforce pipe.


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How to get a accurate quotation?

  1. Plz tell us which kind of pipe you want to produce(PP, PE, PVC or any others)? It will be better if you can send me some pictures of the pipe you want to produce.

  2. What is the pipe diameter and thickness(pipe pressure) you want to produce?