PVC Double Pipe Making Machine

PVC Double Pipe Making Machine
Product Details

Product description:

1. This PVC Double Pipe Making Machine is widely used in the production of small PVC pipes, such as PVC wire and tube. It uses double outlet extrusion to produce two pipes simultaneously. It will greatly increase production, with a maximum export of up to 20 m/min. The extruder uses a conical twin-screw extruder for PVC powders and granules. The barrel is heated by an aluminum heater, stainless steel cover, and air-cooled. It uses CPVC screws and barrels, which also produce CPVC pipes. The vacuum calibration tank has two vacuum chambers and one spray chamber. The vacuum calibration tank is constructed of a visible stainless steel. The large-diameter pipeline vacuum calibration tank adopts a two-stage vacuum system with precise water level and water temperature automatic control system and a stable circulating liquid filtration system. It has a cooling water temperature control system.

2. The traction unit of PVC Double Pipe Making Machine is equipped with an instrument encoder to calculate the length of the pipe, and the cutting system is controlled by the PLC. We can also provide a cut-off online twin-tube machine. Independent speed regulation and flexible transport, high reliability transmission system ensures high efficiency and high quality normal extrusion. The special integral transmission avoids the unsynchronization of the single transmission. The advanced four-link structure of PVC Double Pipe Making Machine makes the traction positioning self-centering, and the precise pressure regulation system makes the traction adjustable. The all-hydraulic design ensures flexible pressure in the pipe cutting state, and the unique power input system ensures high reliability of the planetary unit, with ultra-quiet and forced suction system and automatic angle chamfering.

Technical data:

motor power18.5kw37kw55kw
pipe diameter16-40mm16-63mm50-110mm
total length20m23m28m