PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line

PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Product Details

Product description:

1. This PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line is mainly used to produce PVC pipe of 16~800mm PVC pipe. By replacing the mandrel, it is possible to produce pipes with different pipe wall thicknesses. PVC pipes can be used in agricultural and construction pipelines, cable laying, etc. The screw of the extruder can be designed as a lower filling screw and a high filling screw. The advanced design provides a strong guarantee for PVC plasticization. The screw and cylinder have a degassing system to ensure the quality of the final PVC pipe. Its motor uses Siemens standard motor, ABB inverter, Siemens PLC control system. The tank for the vacuum calibration and cooling unit is made of 304 stainless steel. The superior vacuum system ensures the exact dimensions of the pipe; spray cooling increases cooling efficiency; and the automatic water temperature control system makes the machine more intelligent.

2. PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line's tractor uses three caterpillars, and the compact type of the traction frame uses pneumatic and gear motors. Using meter code, it calculates the length of the pipe in the production process. The cutting system is controlled by PLC and can be a dust-free cutting machine and a planetary cutting machine. There is a dust collection system to ensure a clean working environment. PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line's pipe flaring machine can make pipes of different shapes, such as "U" type, "R" type and so on. We can also design a pipe flaring machine with an automatic rubber ring feed system.

Technical parameter:

Extruder modelSJSZ51/105SZSJ65/132SJSZ80/156SJSZ92/188
Motor power(kw)18.5kw37kw55kw90kw
Drawing machine(m/min)0.5-10 m/min0.5-8 m/min0.5-6 m/min0.5-4 m/min
Total length (m)20 m25 m28 m32 m
Output (Kg/H )80-120 kg/h180-250kg/h280-350kg/h500-600kg/h