PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line

PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line
Product Details

PVC Water Supplier Pipe Drainage Pipe And PVC Pipe Extrusion Production Line

This line is mainly used for producing PVC pipes with 16~800mm PVC pipes. By changing the mandril, it can produce pipes with different pipe wall thickness. PVC pipes can use for the aspects such as the agricultural and constructional plumbing, cable laying etc.  The process flow of this line as blow:

PVC powder + additive --- mixing---material feeder---twin screw extruder---mould and calibrator---vacuum forming machine---haul-off machine---cutting machine---discharge rack or pipe belling machine. 

The screw of the extruder could be designed as lower filler screw and high filler screw. With advanced design, it provide powerful safeguard for the PVC plasticization. There is degassing system for the screw and barrle, which will ensure the quality of final PVC pipes. The motor adopt Siemens standard motor, ABB inverter, Siemens PLC control system.

The tank body of vacuum calibration and cooling units adopt stainless steel 304# . The excellent vacuum system ensures the precise sizing for pipes; spraying cooling will improves the cooling efficiency; Auto water temperature control system make the machine more intelligent.

The haul-off machine of this PVC pipe line will adopt three caterpillars, and the compact mode of haul-off frame adopt pneumatic and gear motor. With meter code, it can count the pipe length during the production.

Cutting system adopt PLC control and it could be no-dust cutter and planetary cutter. There is dust-collecting system ensures clean working environment.

The pipe belling machine can make pipe with different belling shape, such as "U" type, "R" type etc. We can also design pipe belling machine with auto rubber ring feeding system.

Technical parameter

Extruder modelSJSZ51/105SZSJ65/132SJSZ80/156SJSZ92/188
Motor power(kw)18.5kw37kw55kw90kw
Drawing machine(m/min)0.5-10 m/min0.5-8 m/min0.5-6 m/min0.5-4 m/min
Total length (m)20 m25 m28 m32 m
Output (Kg/H )80-120 kg/h180-250kg/h280-350kg/h500-600kg/h

Produce process :
PVC powder + additive → mixing → spring feeding → twin screw extruder → mould and calibrator → vacuum forming machine → haul off machine → cutting machine → stacker
1.SJSZ series double screw extruder  
PVC Doule pipe extrusion line extruder

2.PVC double pipe Mold 
pvc pipe mold and die
 3.Vacuum Calibration Tank.
pvc pipe vacuum tank
With visible stainless steel structure,With two-stage vacuum system in vacuum calibration tank for large diameter pipe,With accurate water level & water temperature automatic control system, With stable recycle liquid filter system.
4.Haul off Machine
PVC Double Pipe Extrusion Line Haul off Machine
 Separate speed regulation and flexible hauling method, high-reliable transmission system ensures the high efficiency and high quality normal extrusion. Special integral transmission unit avoids asynchrony of individual transmission, Advanced four connecting rod structure makes self-centering of haul-off's locating, accurate pressure regulating system makes hauling power adjustable.
5.Cutting machine
Planetary cutting machine
 Full-hydraulic design ensures flexible pressure in cutting state of pipes, Unique power input system ensures high reliability of planetary unit, With ultra silent & enforced sucking system, auto angle chamfer function.
Pvc double pipe extrusion line stacker
7.PVC pipe samples 

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