Ceiling Profile Extrusion Production Line

Ceiling Profile Extrusion Production Line
Product Details

PVC profile & Foamed Extrusion Line

Application: YF series production line is designed for extrusion of PVC plastic door’s and window’s profile and cross-section cable pipes, aluminum-plastic composite profiles and etc. PVC profiles are widely used in the building industry, home and office decoration.
pvc profile production line

Properties and advantages: This line features stable plasticization, high output, long life service and other advantages. The production line consists of control system, conical twin screw extruder, extrusion die, calibration unit, haul off unit, film covering machine and stacker.
pvc profile production line
pvc profile mold
pvc profile cutting machine
pvc profile stacker

Technical specification



Max. width of product (mm)


 Extruder model


Extruder Power(KW)


Cooling water(m3/h)


Compressed air(m3/min)

Remark: if above mentioned parameter changed, forgive us won't notify.
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