Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Production Line

Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Production Line
Product Details

PP PS HIPS PE TPE Single Layer and Multi-layer Sheet Extrusion Production Line can produce PP/PS suction sheet, PP stationery sheet, PP transparent sheet, dull polish and double color sheet, PP foamed sheet and PS electric conduction sheet.

Usually PP/PS single layer and multi-layer sheet and PP double layer transparent sheet use on plastic packing industry;

PP dull polish and double color sheet use on stationery packing series;

PP foamed sheet has unique advantages, if the density above 0.45g/cm3, it has good bending resistance, not easy deformation, better used on stationery field, if the density above 0.6g/cm3, it will have good mechanical properties, better used on car trim field, also can be processed to carpet backing material, back light, dumboard, luggage rack, voice box and so on, if the density above 0.3g/cm3 it have resilience and flexibility, better use for every material plate, packing and so on.

PS electric conduction sheet mainly used on Semiconductor electronic computer communications and so on, apply to clean, no static, discharge protection and shield the electromagnetic wave/radio frequency interference fitting or packing equipment.
Technology for our PET/PP/PS high output sheet extrusion line:

Extruder ModelSJ120/35         SJ150/35       SJ170/35       
Raw materialpet,pp,pspet,pp,pspet,pp,ps
Products thickness(mm)3-303-303-30
Products width(mm)122015002000