5 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machinery

Lubricant oils containers blow moulding machine

Product Details
The strong core competitiveness of our enterprise comes from our excellent independent innovation ability, which makes our 50-160mm PVC Pipe Production Line, Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine, Detergent Container Blow Molding Machine has higher added value than similar products. We have established a long-term, close and stable cooperative relationship with our customers. We value your inquiry, For more details, please contact us, we will reply you ASAP! We encourage innovation, dare to change and never fear to face difficulties. Overall, we can ensure good product quality, timely delivery and honesty are the core principles of our business. Simply put, our customers and our company are win-win and mutual benefit.

Lubricant oils containers blow moulding machine

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Double station
Max. Product Volume(L)5L
Dry cycle(pc/h)700 * 2
Screw Diameter(mm)70
Screw L/D ratio(L/D)25
Screw drive power(KW)22
Screw heating capacity(KW)6.2~8.2
No. of heating zone(ZONE)3
Max.Output of HDPE(Kg/hr)70
Oil pump drive power(KW)7.5
Clamping force(KN)60
Mold stroke(mm)148~508
Max. Size of Mold(W*H)(mm)370*390
Max.Die diameter(mm)145
Die heat capacity(KW)2.5
No. of heating zone(ZONE)3
Central distance of Double head(mm)160/180
Blowing pressure(Mpa)0.6
Air volume(M3/MIN)0.4
Cooling water pressure(Mpa)0.2~0.3
Water consumption(L/MIN)60
Size of machine ( L*W*H)(m)3.43*2.3*2.65
Weight of machine(TON)


Quality, speed, focus, professionalism and innovation are the service concepts of our company. We have gradually established a good reputation in the field of 5 Gallon Bottle Blow Molding Machinery over the years. Using overseas advanced technology and equipment can not only improve output and quality, but also enhance enterprises' development and quicken the construction of modernization. Hope we can be your trustworthy supplier in China.

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